Compensation Plan Overview

There are 4 Ways To Get Paid in DoTERRA:

  1. Fast Start Bonus

  2. Power Of 3 Bonus

  3. Unilevel Bonus

  4. Leadership Bonus


Fast Start Bonus

First, let’s talk Fast Start.

Fast Start allows all Wellness Advocates to earn a bonus on individuals they share essential oils with and then help enroll.

Each Wellness Advocate wanting to earn Fast Start needs to have a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order to participate.

Fast Start is paid weekly on the PV from the orders a new Wellness Advocate places in their first 60 days. When essential oils are part of your wellness lifestyle, it's easy to share with others.


Let's look at an example:

  • Lisa enrolled Megan.

  • Megan placed 3 orders in her first 60 days (Order PV: 132PV, 78PV and 147PV.).

  • Lisa received a check for each of these orders equal to 20 percent of the PV.

  • The check values were $26.40, $15.60 and $29.40 respectively. Lisa earned a total of $71.40 for educating and enrolling Megan.

It’s pretty simple.

You get paid 20% on your personal enrollments spend for the first 60 days.


You also get paid on your team.

When someone you have enrolled (say Megan) enrolls someone, you earn 10% on that order and any orders they place in their first 60 days;

And when someone they enrolled enrolls someone, you earn 5% on those orders for the first 60 days.

This is paid every time you enroll someone, and not just within your own business launch period.

Power of 3

Power of 3 is built on two main elements: structure and the Loyalty Rewards Program.

This helps new builders focus on structure from the beginning, which sets them up for rank advancements in the future.

Retention is an important part of dōTERRA’s compensation plan: it’s what helps you build a significant residual income and that’s the focus of the Loyalty Rewards program (LRP).

When you teach the importance of the Loyalty Rewards Program and develop the structure necessary to qualify for the Power of 3, then you will have established the core principles of your business.

There are three Power of 3 Bonuses that you can earn: $50, $250, and $1500.

Each bonus is achieved through proper placement of members placing 100+ PV orders and team volume as described below.

The Power of 3 bonus is simple if you focus on building your 50PV Power Of 3, and then help others do the same.


$50: You must have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with 100 PV Loyalty Rewards orders and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order (such as your LRP), the orders of your frontline, any retail orders, and Wholesale Customer orders.)

$250: Your three frontline team members must each earn their $50 power of 3 bonus. They need to have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

$1500: Your three frontline must earn their $250, which means you are helping them teach their 3 qualifying people to earn their own $50. Your nine second-level qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

This is the first of many times you will have the opportunity to empower the people on your team to reach a new bonus. If you teach those on your team to focus on their $50, it can translate up and down and help everyone reach additional levels of the bonus.

You can monitor your Power Of 3 bonus in your Virtual Office Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.18.54 pm.png

Login to your Virtual Office:

Select the DASHBOARD tab

Look for this section here, click into ‘full detail’ to view your Power Of 3 status.

This guides you on where you need to place new enrollments to achieve your $50 Power Of 3

Teach your qualifiers to do the same with their placements OR place yourself to help support them, and in turn help you.


Unilevel does not start out as the bulk of your check, but as you build over time, it can definitely be the most significant part of your dōTERRA income. Here are a few key things to note that make it the key to a strong, residual income opportunity.

1. The highest percentage is earned on lower levels.


Unlike many other companies, dōTERRA's compensation plan lets you earn the highest percentage on the lower levels. As you grow or mentor your team leaders and structure efficiently for rank, you will see your team grow wider on your deeper levels. This means the lowest percentages are earned on the smaller groups of people and the highest levels earned on the largest groups. Look at the difference in payout with the comparison to the left.

2. There is no breakage in payout.

dōTERRA's Unilevel is set up to make sure there is no breakage in payout. If someone below you doesn't qualify to earn the Unilevel on another member's order it will roll up to you. This happens throughout every level of your organization!

Comparison to other MLM Plans. DoTERRA’s Unilevel Bonus is very abundant long-term:


Rank Bonuses/Leadership Pools

Rank bonuses are paid out as leadership and performance pool shares.

The leadership and performance pools are determined based on set percentages from global commission sales volume (CV). Each month rank is achieved a builder can be paid out in these pools according to the number of shares that are earned.

Each pool is a little different, so let’s look at them individually...

1. Leadership Performance Pool

  • This pool is made up of 2 percent Global PV

  • Silvers earn 1 share Golds earn 5 shares

  • Platinums earn 10 shares

2. Diamond Performance Pool

  • This pool is made up of 1 percent Global PV

  • Diamonds earn 1 share Blue Diamonds earn 2 shares

  • Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares

3. Diamond Pool

  • This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV

  • Diamonds earn 3 shares

4. Blue Diamond Pool

  • This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV

  • Blue Diamonds earn 3 shares

5. Presidential Diamond Pool

  • This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV

  • Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares

6. Empowerment Pool Bonus

  • This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV

  • Silvers and Premiers who personally enroll a new member with 100 PV earn one share

  • No extra shares are earned and the new member (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) needs to have a 100 PV initial order placed during the month to qualify

As you personally enroll and mentor builders on your team to achieve new ranks you can earn additional shares in these pools! For example, if you are a qualifying Gold and one of your personally enrolled builders achieves Elite for the first time, you will get an extra share from the Leadership Performance Pool.


This compensation plan shows you how much Monthly OV is required for you to reach each Rank Level

Comp Plan.png

Compensation Plan Training & Rank Bonuses

by Presidential Diamond Leader (Our Upline) - Tara Bliss

 Compensation Plan Tips

1. Make sure you process a 100+ PV Loyalty Rewards order each month. This will ensure you meet the requirement for all bonuses. (note: if you bump your order to 125 PV and process before the 15th, you will also receive the free product of the month.)

2. To qualify for Fast Start make sure you keep your Loyalty Rewards order template above 100 PV at all times. To be eligible for Fast Start you need to have your order process over 100 PV and have the template at over 100 during the month because Fast start pays weekly.

3. Bonuses are earned each month you qualify for them. If you want to earn shares from the leadership pool and qualify for lower levels of unilevel make sure you meet the rank requirements each month.

4. Confirm all orders are in by midnight on the last day of the month for qualifications. Sponsor moves can be done in your back office if they are within their 14 days after the end of the month, but you’ll want to make those as soon as you know where to put your new team members, so you don’t miss the window or calculate volume wrong in one of your legs. All enroller changes should be submitted by email before the end of the month.

5. Use your qualification module in your back office to check your commissions throughout the month and after. Primary commissions process between the 15th and 20th of the month following qualifications. Check the qualifications module often between the first and fifteenth of the following month to ensure returns have not affected your qualifications. This module will help you see where you are at when you check it. Think, ‘if commissions ran right now, this is how I would be paid.’ Call Member Services or your Account Manager if the qualifications module isn’t showing what you expected it to.

Compensation Plan FAQ

Q. When are commissions paid? 
a. Commissions are processed and paid between the 15th and 20th of the following month. For example, your July commissions are calculated between August 15th and 20th.

Q. How often does the back office update to reflect new volume? 
a. Your detailed genealogy updates in practically real time. You can check volume for bonuses here at any time. Your qualification module updates several times a day, at the bottom of the module there is always a note indicating the time of the last update.

Q. Can I use the graphic tree to confirm my power of three is in place? 
a. The graphic tree shows things as they could be and what your team has set up, but does not show things as they actually are. This is a planning tool that allows you to see quickly what LRPs could process for during the month. To ensure your rank and power of 3 are in place, use the detailed genealogy or the qualifications module which gives you a detailed and filtered view for power of 3.

Q. Can I earn more than one Power of 3 bonus? 
a. Yes, you can earn Power of 3 multiple times depending on the width of your structure. Here are some key things to know when working towards your additional Power of 3 bonuses. You must first complete an entire 1500 to start the second (e.g. you can’t earn two $250 bonuses, but you could earn a $1500 and a $250). Nothing from your first set of power of 3 counts towards the other including your own order (team volume and people with qualified LRPs need to achieved for each set individually).

Q. Can I have two qualifying legs under one of my frontline leaders? 
a. No. Each of your qualifying legs for rank must be under a separate frontline organization. Even if you have enrollership of both, they still need to be separate legs from your frontline.

Q. How do I earn extra shares in the rank pools? 
a. Each pool is a little different, but all five of the performance and infinity pools have the opportunity to earn extra shares. In the leadership pool a qualifying silver, gold, or platinum can earn an additional share by working with a personally enrolled builder to reach the rank of elite for the first time. Similarly, Diamonds and Blue Diamonds earn an extra share in the respective pools by enrolling someone who reaches the rank of premier for the first time. Presidential Diamonds earn an extra share in their pool in the month their personally enrolled builder achieves silver for the first time. Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, and Presidential Diamonds can all earn an extra share in the Diamond Performance pool as well when they personally enroll someone who reaches the rank of premier for the first time.

Q. Why would my unilevel decrease or stay the same, if my organizational volume grew? 
a. The two most common impacts on your unilevel check are dynamic compression (based on qualified ranks) and volume from new members. Some months you and your team are focused on bringing new people in, this will increase your volume and your payout in fast start but will not increase your unilevel since orders for new members payout through fast start only during their first 60 days.

Q. Is it possible to earn unilevel past my seventh level? 
a. Yes. doTERRA’s unilevel compensation is designed to have zero breakage. This is done through dynamic compression. Each order pays out 7 levels in order to the first qualified person in the upline. This means that is there is anyone in the normal 7 levels not qualifying the order will continue looking up until it finds someone to pay. For example, an order might have to look up the tree 3 times to pay the first level. If you are the seventh person in line that would mean you were paid on your tenth level.

Q. Do wholesale Customers count toward my bonuses? 
a. Yes. Wholesale Customers’ volume and Loyalty Rewards Orders count toward your bonuses just like Wellness Advocates. Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers are often referred to as Wholesale Members which includes both account types.

Q. If I choose not to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, can I still earn commissions? 
a. Yes, you can earn rank, unilevel, and retail commissions without joining the Loyalty Program. Simply process a standard or one-time order equal to the PV needed to qualify you. Fast Start and Power of 3 bonuses require a loyalty order.

Q. Can a new Wellness Advocate earn Fast Start during their first 60 days? 
a. Yes. A new wellness advocate can earn fast start in their first week, if they begin personally enrolling others right away. In order to qualify for fast start the new member will need to set up their Loyalty Order right away and make sure their template stays above 100 PV and then processes above 100 PV in their second month.

Q. Does Fast Start compress like unilevel? 
a. No, Fast Start Bonuses are paid out to each of the three enroller levels assuming they are qualified.

Q. Can I earn commissions on Wellness Advocates I enroll in another country? 
a. Yes, doTERRA has a global commission plan that allows you to earn commissions on members of your team in other countries.